Richland Mobile Dryer

The RAML Mobile Dryer is very suitable for freshly harvested paddy rice. It High drying efficiency, and the principle of reverse mixing drying is adopted independently. The precipitation rate is 1.5-2.0 percent per hour,which is 1.5 to 2 times faster than the general tower dryer. The dryer also has low drying cost, high thermal efficiency, and a special hot-wind heater and the drying grain has a small amount of clutter, and the selection device is accurate.

  • Struction Batch Type Circulation
    Demension(Dryer Tower) Length mm 4500
    Width mm 2300
    Height mm 6600
    Weight kg 1763
    Volume m³ 44
    Output kg/batch 4000
    Work voltage kW dryer 7.1 hot blast stove 4.43
    Breakage rate % ≤0.5
    Waste rate % ≤2
    Comsuption kJ/kg(H2O) ≤8120*1.4(5800)
    The moisture content after drying % ≤1.0
    Drying capacity t·%/h
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